Entry formalities

A visa is required which is obtained upon arrival in Egypt. The Passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your date of return. 


Baggage allowance

20 kgs per person  (each bag not exceeding 25 kgs).

1 hand luggage per person of max 8 kgs. 



No legal requirements for vaccine in Egypt - check with your physician.  It is however recommended to have the Tetanus vaccination up-to-date.  You are advised to bring your own medication. 


Food and Drinks

Although very different from the Western cuisine, the Egyptian/ Oriental cuisine offers some very tasty dishes (grilled pigeon, meat kebab, stuffed wine leaves, mezzeh..). The sweets are excellent.

Black tea, turkish coffee, karkade (hibiscus tea) and all kind of sodas are available in Egypt, as well as delicious fresh fruit juices (mango, strawberry, guava, lemon, orange..) and the special "assab" (sugarcane juice).

Many restaurants do not sell alcohol. Many restaurants in Cairo apply the  « minimum charge policy »: a minimum amount (around 10 us $) is automatically charged to every person sitting at the table (ask before taking a seat).

Do not drink tap water in Egypt. Bottled water is very cheap and available everywhere.



Temperatures oscillate between 20°c and 40°c depending on the regions and the seasons. In October they range between 25°c and 30°c.


Time Difference

Time in Egypt is GMT + 2 hours.



Voltage in Egypt is 220 V.  A 2 pin plug is required.



The Egyptian Pound (EGP) is divided into 100 Piasters. The exchange rate is approx. 1 US$ for 6 EGP.  Credit cards are usually accepted. Life in Egypt is very inexpensive, except for imported goods and alcohol.



International cell phones work well in Egypt. To call abroad, dial 00 followed by the country code and the number (without 0). There are many cyber cafes (internet cafes) in Egypt.



For visits: light casual clothes (eventually a scarf for the ladies - can be purchased onsite- to cover the head during the visits of holy places and mosques), comfortable shoes, a hat and sun glasses. For the walk up to Mount Sinai (2300m above sea level): warm clothes and a headlamp. At the restaurants in the evening: long trousers for men and free dressing for the ladies, however many places are strongly air conditioned. Beach wear . Although Egyptians are very tolerant, a proper  and decent clothing is highly appreciated.



Egyptian handicraft is very rich and varied and the bazaars overflow with all kinds of products, jewellery, cotton, alabaster, spices, music, papyrus, carpets, water pipes, etc. all at very reasonable prices; bear in mind that bargaining is part of the life in Egypt.



Egypt is a safe place and the tourists are well protected. Egyptians are helpful, honest and polite. However, as everywhere, there are some exceptions. Do not provoke the greed and be cautious. Do not accept any deal(money exchange, etc.) with Egyptians you do not know.



The official language is of course Arabic, but English is widely spoken. Egyptians appreciate being greeted in their language. 


Some useful words:

Good day                                                                       


How are you ?                                                                      

Very well                                                                                    

Thank you                                                                                      

Thanks be to God - very much used, also as answer to  Ezzayek ?  

God willing 

Enough!/ Leave me alone                                                                 




Salam alaïkum

Ahlan oua sahlan

Ezzayek ?



Al Hamdulillah

Incha Allah

Khalaas (pronounced Ralaas)



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