Guest comments

“From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for this beautiful trip! A superb adventure that we will not soon forget! Thank you for organizing it, thank you for your patience, your listening, your kindness, your dedication. We also appreciated your passion for this beautiful country that is Egypt, it is simply magnificent! We all wish you a very good continuation and hope to see you again on one of your next trips! Insha allah!” Patricia, group 2007

“Thank you for organizing this magnificent trip. You perfectly conveyed your love and enthusiasm for this beautiful country. Thank you very much for your kindness, patience, availability and listening that made this trip one of my best memories forever. Good continuation and thank you again.” Gabrielle, 2007

“Thank you for organizing this wonderful and unforgettable trip.” Cathy and Nadia, 2007

“Thank you for this magnificent trip organized to perfection. I feel a lot of pleasure in reminiscing about the beautiful landscapes and these millennia-old witnesses of such a rich civilization. A big thank you! I can’t find the superlatives to express the immense pleasure I feel in appreciating the contents of the DVD, the expedition to Sinai is sublime.. Be sure that this trip has been a revelation, a total success thanks to you who have been attentive to us and have taken the time to take beautiful pictures of these highlights. Bravo and thank you again for everything.” Michel and Pierrette, 2008

“Thank you for this magnificent trip, an unforgettable memory!” Caudine and Alois, 2009

“Thank you for this trip. it was very nice. the more I think about it, the more I tell myself that it was a very, very beautiful trip. we were really a great group. thank you again very much for the organization and everything.” Silvia, 2009

“Herzlichen dank, es war eine sehr schöne reise, von der man noch lange traümen kann.” Anna, 2009

“Thanks to you we were able to realize a beautiful dream by discovering a fascinating and magnificent country. a big thank you for your kindness, availability and sympathy.” Fernande, 2010

“Discovering so many wonders in such a short time is a privilege that I would not have had the opportunity to live without your beautiful initiative to share your passion for Egypt. thank you for your kindness and my wishes for success for your future beautiful trips.” Lucette, 2010

“Magnificent, fabulous, extraordinary, enchanting.. what to say in front of such a fireworks show that marked this trip. and how to express our gratitude for your dedication, sincerity and spontaneity.. perhaps a simple word and carrying gratitude: thank you!” Pierre-André and Nathalie, 2010

“Thank you for being our “guide” during this wonderful and magical trip. What a privilege to have been able to participate in it.” Suzanne, 2010

“Thanks to a common friend, I was able to participate in this trip and meet you. The trip was magical and successful, thanks to your enthusiasm for this country. Thank you for your kindness and your always equal mood. All the best for the future.” Colette, 2010

“Pharaonic and most enchanting trip. Thank you.” Marie-Noelle, 2010

“Thank you, thanks to you I was able to realize my dream of seeing and knowing this enchanting Egypt, heritage without equal in this world! You accepted me, despite my age and my disability. A huge thank you for your kindness, attention and know-how towards me.” Sanda, 2010

“I confirm as everyone that this trip was a great success. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I thank fate for putting me on your path. I will talk about it again and again.. friendship.” Danielle, 2010

“Thank you for sharing your passion for Egypt with us. We discovered grandiose places and will keep a magnificent memory of this country full of contrasts. With all our friendship.” Marie-Noelle and group, 2011